For chefs, cooking is a fun but when it comes to baking, this fun tenfold and let others have the heavenly good desserts. Despite the hectic schedules, there are countless people with a sweet tooth who love baking at their home. This has not just given millions of people an opportunity to brush up their cooking skills but has somehow helped people in avoiding those gigantic restaurants bills. This all has become possible with exceptionally useful baking equipment that makes it much easier for us.

Currently, the market is flooded with countless bakery equipment in Melbourne just to enhance our cooking and baking experience. Among all the markets present all over the world, commercial kitchen equipment like dough mixers and cake display from Melbourne are ruling the world because of its premium quality operations. Of course, this information may sound irrelevant for many of you but yes, if you are one of those who have finally thought about being an owner of a bakery shop then here is a complete checklist of equipment that you should have with you for now.

Just go through it and start arranging them from now.

  1. Oven – Be it a birthday cake or regular muffins, you need an oven to bake this all. Make sure to get a good quality or branded oven which has advanced features to help you with baking. When buying an oven for your bakery shop, it is mandatory to read out the voltage and other specifications to invest in the right product.

  1. Hand mixers – To beat coffee, chocolate or even the whipped cream, you need hand blenders or mixers which can let you have a perfect mixture of different ingredients. This equipment may look small but is of a great use and can be a good reason behind your fluffy cake texture.

  1. Baking trays – Generally, with every oven, you get a tray but when you are into baking business then it is important to get some extra baking trays. This can help you get your work done on time.

  1. Cake display – This is something that you need to lure your customers, especially those notorious kids who have a sweet tooth. Such cake displays are not just ideal for displaying your best of items but to keep the products safe and fresh for long.

  1. Spatulas/spoon/bowls – Without these common utensils, it’s hard to get your work done. Whether it’s mixing or pouring your mixture, for everything you need spatulas and bowls.

  1. Computer system – Apart from culinary equipment, you must have a PC at your billing counter. This is to help you get a better record of accounts, profits and the leftover stock.


The necessity of gathering all the primitive equipment arises when you set up your bakery outlet. Without them coming up with your bakery products is just next to impossible. But make sure to invest in kitchen equipment according to the scale of your business, otherwise, you may end up encountering financial crises.

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Just like the leaking tap, the dripping shower is always intolerable, drives every homeowner crazy. Not only the problem shower leads to wastage of water, also keep the bathing space ever-lastingly wet. This indeed proves to be quite dangerous for kids and elders who frequently visit the washroom. Thus, emphasise the significance of calling a leaking shower repair in Gold Coast to fix the shower.

But, if you don’t have the luxury to avail the expertise of a professional repair flock then getting your hands on primitive plumbing skills is necessary. For instance, if it happens to be during the odd hours of the day then it’s easier to cope up with those drastic circumstances. That’s why, here in this post, we have put forth the simplest do-it-yourself approach to repair the shower in no time:

How to Begin with the Repair Work?

First of all, look for the carriage style faucet; you need to replace this important segment of the shower with a new one. Here, in this compelling guide on how to repair a dripping shower by self, we centre on fixing a cartridge-style faucet, which in most scenarios is the root cause of the problem.

The cartridge valves operate when the slides of cartridges move in and out and have a single handle. However, don’t confuse this cartridge-style faucet with a traditional one that has a dome-shaped casing underneath the handle. Here, we won’t be explaining the cartridge of two faucet style cartridge, which comes in two versions, one is the ceramic disc valve, while the other one is the stem-type valve.

Step 1:

Remove the Handle Cap- Let’s Begin 

First and foremost, turn off the water supply to the bathroom or to that particular problem shower. Once, you are done with it, pry off the handle cap, using a knife, a pocket size one. As this will expose the internal handle screw. In case, the handle is not coming out, you can heat it to make the job simpler or if you have a special handle puller, then it’s more than sufficient. Or, you can ask someone, a neighbour, who has a habit of maintaining a plumbing kit for any sort of emergency.

Step 2:

Pull the Cartridge- Let’s Pull 

Now, pull the cartridge, since different brands have their own unique way of securing the cartridge to the faucet, there is no one blanket approach here. For this, you need to carefully take a look at the structure of the shower head and makes a spontaneous decision, You can also take the help of Google to know the trick to pull the particular cartridge.

Step 3:

Install the New Cartridge-Job Done 

Last, but not the least, turn the hex screw using your hand until it hit the bottom. You can easily find an identical replacement cartridge from a local plumbing store or order online if you can wait.

Wrapping up, all the above techniques are fine, but for a permanent solution to your problem, only a specialist plumber in Liverpool having experience fixing leaking showers and the right set of tools can do the job with utter impeccability.

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Beanie Boos needs no reorganization and even if you’re that odd one who doesn’t know about it then ask your kids, they’ll tell you better. Trends come and go, but the bandwagon of toys can never go off beat. It is something that relishes kids with a range of adorable toddler toys which are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

What is Beanie Boos?

It is a renowned series of stuffed soft toys which was unearthed by Ty Warner Inc. The name of this toy brand later changed into Ty. Inc., whereas the toys started known as Beanie boos range of toys. Basically, these toys are stuffed with plastic pellets to comfort kids and let them enjoy a squeaky sound, whenever they tweak or squeeze it.

As the toys are made with the basic procedure and don’t have any technology made factor thus their cost is quite affordable. The basic idea behind making stuffed toys was to let kids experience a better phase of anxiety which they often suffer while tooth itching issues.

History of Beanie Boos-

Founded in 1986, Beanie Boos is a product of an American multinational corporation named Ty. Inc. With its headquarters in Oak Brook, Chicago, this company has started a unique craze of stuffed toys among kids and even young lads. They manufacture, package, sell and market their own products on a global scale.

Their products are basically shaped in different animals with soft cotton or plastic filling to give it a perfect shape. The unique design and identity of Ty Inc. product is the huge perky eyes that gawk at your adorably every time you hold them.

In last 7 years, Ty Inc. came up with a continuous string of toys which started with Beanie Babies 2.0 then included- Beanie Ballz, Monstarz, Wildz, Frizzys, My Little Pony and Beanie Boos. These all products are still available in the market and are highly loved by kids who love to cuddle something soft while they fall asleep.

The mastermind behind it- H. Ty Warner

A veteran actor, who later turned into an American manufacturer & businessman, is a reason countless smiles of kids spread all over the world. Apart from this, he is one of the proud celebrities who got the honour to be a part of Forbes 2016 in the list of world’s popular billionaires. He was at a rank of 772 with having a net worth of US $2.4 billion through Ty Inc. His idea of coming up with stuffed toys really took the world by storm.

Beanie Boos authenticity mark & how it earned its unique identity –

With the rising popularity of this brand, many other local manufacturers started coming up with the somehow similar products in the market and lured kids with cheaper prices. But to bring back the charm of Beanie Boos, two identification tags were added initially to each and every product.

One was a heart shaped ‘swing tag’ and another was a ‘tush tag’ which indicates the authenticity of the product. Soon it even showed a positive impact on the market and customers

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If you are here then either you must have started a small scale business house for which you may need any graphic designer within an affordable price. And for such purposes, freelancing is no lesser than a godsend.

While hiring a graphic designer, you need to look at different aspects. Be it money or skills, everything is necessary to be observed. Many entrepreneurs think freelancers aren’t capable enough as compared to a full-time designer but you need to come out of this misconception.

At present, freelancers are earning far better than the regular employees and what’s the reason? Well, it’s all about the right skills. Even many graphic designers in Sydney do work as a freelancer too, just with the motive of earning a bit extra than their monthly salary.

Still, if you are not convinced with the concept of hiring freelancers instead of a full-time designer to get your work done then here are some leverages that may help you build better trust on freelancers.

  1. Work quality – Don’t worry about the designing quality because freelancers are quite proficient & skillful. Even after reviewing their profile, if you still feel dicey about hiring them then you have all the liberty to ask for any previously accomplished work sample.


  1. Time-bound – Freelancers work on a defined time bound. This should always be mentioned before starting the task. Unlike a full-time designer, they don’t work for certain time duration. This ultimately helps you get faster & effective results.


  1. Trustworthy assistance – For once you may fear about ruining your hard-earned money on any random person registered online. But to overcome your fear, you have all the liberty to go through his/her profile and get all the relevant details. These details even include the past work record and reviews by the clients.


  1. Charges – As compared to a full-time worker, a freelancer will charge you less certainly. This is because a freelancer has its own work criteria and s/he usually doesn’t work on your working hours.


  1. Flexible working hours – Even if it’s 2 in the midnight, you can ask your freelancer to make a mandatory amendment in your given task. This is possible until your freelancer has mentioned his/her particular working hours.


  1. Easy communication – While hiring you can always ask your freelancer for his/her contact details through different platforms which of course builds trust you both.

Hiring a freelancer from a trusted source or medium will never disappoint you. Make sure to hire a freelance graphic designer from a renowned platform like- UpWork, Elance etc. because such networks are always trustworthy & enroll authentic freelancers only.

The final word-

You may easily find a skilled graphic designer but whenever it comes to cutting cost on your business expenses, going for a freelance graphic designer is always wiser. With this, you get all the liberty of getting your work done within your set time-bound. But, this should be only done when either you don’t have any full-time graphic designer available or you need to get a single task done.

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For passionate dancers, dance is no lesser than a way of living. It is one such entertaining activity that brings you health, energy, positivity & splashes liveliness in your monotonous days. To add more to it, multiple countries & religions have different types of dances for kids, making it more vivacious.  Be it Salsa or hip hop, every dance form has its own charm & mania.

Earlier, dance may be restrained till young lads but now, even a 5 YO can challenge young lads in any dance forms. Well, this is enough to understand the charisma of dance. This is happening because of the far-reaching scope in dance. Eventually, with this, the number of benefits of dancing for preschoolers has increased to a great extent.

And if you’re one such parent who has analyzed the born dance talent hidden in your toddler then here I’ve got you some never seen or heard dancing hacks to teach your naughty lad the right moves.

Go step-by-step – For perfection, you need to ask your students to repeat the dance moves over and over again, but make sure it doesn’t become mundane for them. Repetition of one step for 10-15 times will be more than enough. When teaching, make sure to come up with quick, easy-to-catch steps. Also, don’t burden kids in any way & just let them enjoy learning each and every dance move.

New day, new move – This is the biggest mistake many dance classes do. They continue teaching the same steps for 3-4 days just to attain that perfection. This not just makes dance monotonous but affects the passion of learning it anymore. So, make sure to bring some new energy to your new steps every day you set up your class.

Energetic ambiance – A lively place is always better than a decent dance classroom. It can be anything like- vibrant wall colors or popular dancer’s posters to enlighten the passion of students. Apart from this, you can even narrate the story of any popular dance celebrity which of course leaves a great impression on the mindset of students. Many dance classes in Castle Hill, try this to ignite the dance passion in those who have the right potential to continue it further.

Appreciation is a must – Whenever your toddler comes home after finishing his/her dance class, make sure to interact & ask them what they’ve learned today. This is the best way to let them know that you’re interested in what they do. It also works as a genuine approach toward building a healthy relationship with your kids.

Keep the naughty one around you – If you see a stubborn lad in your class, start keeping a hawk eye on him/her. Having said that, you should not punish or treat them differently but just keep them around you always. Such as- ask them to call attendance or help you out in any other activity done in the class. You must have heard- ‘Keep your enemies closer than your friends,’ it’s somehow similar.

I’m sure you’re going to find these tricks productive if you’re planning to open a dance school or classes for toddlers. This is a great profession where you get to learn something new every day, every moment.

Keep teaching! Keep grooving!

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Ever thought how a website appears in the top search results of Google or any other search engine? For a layman, this may not be a concept to pay attention to, but if you’re keen to opt digital marketing as your profession then understanding the SEO essentials is the first step for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of technique which is performed to improve the Google rankings of the particular website. In this, quality and quantity of links, both matters to a great extent. Being a beginner to the SEO world, you may find it difficult to figure out the results, but ensure a seamless process of activities to attain better & long lasting results.

Generally, the results can be witnessed at least after 3 months (approximately) of regular link building for the website. The time epoch may vary, as it completely depends on the keyword research & complexity of the website concept.

Types of SEO-

There are always two ways to lead your path, one is legitimate and another, of course, is illegitimate. Here is a brief detail to this concept.

White hat SEO– Here the link building is done through genuine and high reputation links which ultimately gives organic results.

Black hat SEO– Whereas, black hat SEO is when it is performed through spam or low-quality link building. This process may attain faster results but that lasts for few weeks only.

Let’s check out its paramount factors that you can’t afford to miss. Take a quick look-

Link building – 70% of SEO is all about link building. In layman’s language, you can say it is the base of your SEO activities to be performed. Here, multiple links are formed to share the website link on multiple platforms, just to increase the visibility of the website.

Content optimization – You must have heard ‘Content is king,’ and that’s pretty much true as well. Content plays a huge role in the SEO. Whether it is off-page or on page SEO, both the aspects are completely dependent on content. Right from posting a blog to writing blog comments, content is all over SEO.

Website optimization – Sometimes the structure, content or the web designing is not apt according to the demand of targeted audience. An SEO executive is supposed to analyze your website & see if there’s any website flaw which may be affecting the website rankings directly or indirectly.

Keyword research – SEO activities start after keyword research. For this, you need to brush up your skills a bit because finding out selective keywords out of thousands of choices may become challenging for you. For instance- you’re running an SEO agency in Perth or Sydney or you may get the options like- Perth SEO company or Sydney SEO company and much more. Out of such choices, check out the competition of each and every keyword is what matters the most.

SEO is one concept that cannot be understood or nailed over night. For this, a lot of research & legwork is required. The more you practice, the more you earn efficiency. It is always beneficial to ask for a digital marketer’s guidance to grasp more about it.

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The biography of cafes takes us to back to the time, early 17th century when Austria’s capital, Vienna was known for its rich coffee house culture and espionage. The world’s first cafeteria by opened in 1683 by an Armenian spy, Deodato, and since then this culture has seen rapid propagation in every nook and corner of this world.

Do you know why people of all age groups- the young generation, intermediates, and the old-timers just cherish to spend a quality time in a cafeteria? It is all because of the calmer atmosphere there; it gives people what they strive for without demanding, peace of mind. A 2016 survey say productivity of writers and entrepreneurs double up when they work in a cafeteria.

Are you proposing to set up a coffee company, then scroll till the end as here we’ve rounded up seven amazing cafes fit out ideas to ensure your commercial space remains crowded with patrons:

Open Plan Kitchen 

Open plan kitchen recently has gained in popularity, and most big food chains like the McDonald, the KFC show their customers how hygienically the food is being cooked. This develops a feeling of trust within their regular customers. Though this is a design that doesn’t work for every cafe house, if you match an open cooking space with the right interior space of the cafe and coffee equipment, it’s pure magic

Distressed and Recycled

New trend, Distressed and recycled interior is setting the bar for creativity and innovation high at coffee shops. Many flourishing cafe houses around the world have incorporated this interior design as using recycle and old materials seem to have hit the right chord with modern-day coffee buffs.

The Living Room Design

This type of interior design centre on achieving the best comfort, along with a feel of being at home with natural cooking styles and heart-warming recipes.

Exposed ambiance

This interior design is popular among the young section of the society, as it has a twist of urbanisation with exposed beams, wiring, ducts, essentially look rustic, unfurnished. For this, it is better to call in a cafe designer for a stylish layout and recommendations.

Nature Appeal

Here the emphasis is on nature and organic produce to render a stroke of exclusiveness to your cafeteria. These cafes fit outs focus on wicker, greenery, communal dining, recycled timber, and other natural goodness to set up an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Irregular setting

It is an easy yet effective idea; here you just have to add a touch of sensuality to your cafe space, like mismatch the seating, instead of 4 dining chairs, have a wooden bench with leather form in the centre, and two dining chairs for each table. In simple words, do your permutation and combination wrong to create an unusual setting.

Themed cafeteria

In Brazil, cats are there for coffee lovers to have a quality time at the cafe, while many have a book shelf to bring out the reader from every coffee enthusiast. So, you can also pick any of these unique ideas for creating to ensure your customers create some fond memories.

A vintage aura

It has become more of a bandwagon to go back in that classic era to feel being in a plush ambiance. This can work as a great option to allure your customers.

Modern twist

Go for bean bags instead of old school table & chairs. It is best to make your place much comfy & look hippie. This works even better if your target audience is youngsters.

Classroom theme

Turn the table & chair into student desks, offer tea in plastic mugs instead of designer culinary items. This is an interesting way to seek attention of college going students who would love to look out for a funky place to hangout with their friends.

Wrapping up, for more cafe fit out ideas, it is best to have a talk with a specialist interior designer.

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Google AdWords is an advertising system that Google has come up with to help you market your services or goods in its search engine and its affiliate sites. The system uses placed text ad which appears when consumers search for phrases that have a relation to your offering. It appears as a sponsored link. This system is per pay click whereby you dictate where your advertisement appears via bidding for some phrases. You only pay the amount you have bid for in case someone clicks your advertisement due to a web search. As Adwords is getting more complicated, you will need to use a professional Google agency. See below why companies are using Google AdWords.

1. Google AdWords Increases customers and leads

Where your campaigns have been set up quite well, Google Analytics becomes a great tool to generate leads. There is a possibility of getting extremely targeted leads on your site.

This system lets you focus on people who search for what you are offering. Be it your goods or services, you can refine your searches so that you only have potential clients sent to your site.

2. Google AdWords is Flexible

This system suits all sizes and kinds of companies. You can turn internet traffic off and on using Google AdWords.

This platform is compatible with other software systems and marketing platforms. For instance, you download the data from your campaigns to excel spreadsheets for analysis.

Campaigns on this platform can be customized easily to concentrate on specific online users. You can focus on consumers in different places, consumers on different sites owned by Google like YouTube, and consumers using different gadgets.

You can also set a budget depending on the cost you are willing to incur. For instance, this includes setting daily limits and budgets on the cost you are willing to incur on clicks for certain keywords.

3. Businesses earn a high return on investment

Unlike other strategies of marketing, you only incur costs for ads visitors click on. The moment you optimize your campaigns, you can earn high returns on your investment. But it takes quite some time and you have to select the best strategy suitable for your business.

Continually track and test your campaigns to get a clear view of what will earn you great returns. The information you need for this is readily available, that is why Google AdWords is perfect for this.

When you discover areas of your campaign that earn a high return on investment, your budget and focus should shift to these areas.

4. Google AdWords give Fast and transparent results

Immediately your campaigns go live, Google AdWords gives you easily understandable reports and results. Its dashboard reveals all data related to your campaigns such as keywords keyed in by website visitors, ads clicked, and costs of clicks. This makes the platform very transparent and quick to give results.

5. The platform taps into huge quality traffic

Google is one of the largest companies in the world. Thousands of people click on Google ads every minute. This means that it can get a huge amount of traffic for your business if you have the budget for this traffic.  Few companies succeed to scale their Adwords campaigns such as QurbanSingh Accountants & Ozwashroom.

Google displays relevant ads and content when visitors visit this search engine. And their algorithms keep on improving and evolving to produce more relevant ads and search results.

These five reasons have made many businesses profitable and led to an increase in their clientele base. The world is in a digital age where most people visit Google if they want to find a product or service. Successful businesses have seen Google AdWords work for them and it can also work for you!

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Financial freedom has been vied upon as a state where a enterpreuneur is termed as suitable financial position in perspective that a person pursue whatever he or she wants in life without a concern for earning money. Although this definition is relative and the financial freedom of a person varies in perception from one to another, we need to remember that it is a state in which one does not need to bother about making ends meet.

With inflation rising by the day and the present situation of recession hitting many people badly, the dreams of financial freedom have long gone by. However, even if a person is still gainfully employed in a nine-to-fiver and is comfortably making ends meet, he is not said to have attained financial freedom. Financial freedom surpasses profession, and it implies that he or his family does not need to look for subsistence, work or no work. This is where one realizes that financial freedom is a loosely used word and not achievable unless one wins a lottery or is born into a wealthy family or even royalty.

Although financial freedom seems unachievable, some people have started with nothing and ended up making fortunes online and are financially free. Unbelievable, but true, the internet and e-business have created many a millionaires that translate into financial freedom. With e-commerce taking the stage from the beginning of his century, many a new company and even the old ones have made their presence felt on the World Wide Web with excellent results. The field has since become highly competitive but is still thriving with a long way to go, giving financial freedom to a lot of people along the way.

The advantages are only apparent, buying from the comfort of home and even without a wallet is ease personified for any buyer, especially if he can do quality research and find the product that he or she exactly wants from a bouquet of global offerings. Many visionary entrepreneurs have already taken the best advantage of the internet and have got themselves the financial freedom they measured. The present scenario of e-commerce is that it is still quite prevalent and is rising by the day. It isn’t late to get on the bandwagon and achieve financial freedom.

The more business on the internet, the more there is the need for support and marketing for companies selling in the virtual world. When we look at this in a more optimistic way, it translates into more opportunity for people or companies offering these services, in the form of SEO, writing, design or even virtual assistants. This demand is ever rising, and most of such work is available as a home based business. This opens new opportunities for people to put in a few hours of work towards achieving their financial freedom.

So, from an online perspective, the internet could be a tool to add to your line of traditional income to achieve your financial goals. Remember, although the word “economic freedom” is quite often used in marketing parlance, it is not easy to make without a lot of hard work.

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In the earlier days of Search Engine Optimization, more links meant better authority. As a result, link building services were popularly used as a way of improving site ranking. Even so, backlinks were not a good measure of the quality of websites anymore. Consequently, Google introduced some critical changes. Currently, the search engine takes into consideration the quality of backlinks that point to your website. Simply put, some links are considered good, while others are just bad.

Maybe you have no competitors who will catch you with any form of negative SEO. Despite this, you could still build lots of bad links over time, especially if you fail to check the backlinks of your websites on a regular basis. Thankfully, you can now use a bad backlinks checker to check the quality of your backlinks.

What factors matter when classifying a link as good? Below we outline the most critical factors that ought to be taken seriously:

i. Relevance

The search engine giant determines link quality by relevance. An e-commerce store that specializes in electronics linking from a technology blog is considered relevant. A football blog, on the other hand, is not so relevant.

ii. Trustworthiness

Backlinks coming from high authority and trustworthy domains will certainly improve the rank of your website. For instance, if the New York Times is linking to your website, the link credibility will be higher than one from a fantasy football blog. As an example if you try to rank “Air Snore” you will need some backlinks from Health websites.

Bad Backlinks

According to Google, the unnatural or bad backlinks are the ones that look manipulative, deceptive, or artificial. The following make bad links.

i. Exchanged or Paid links – There are many link exchange groups where individuals link to each other’s sites. Some sites also engage in the sales of links, which is against the rules according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Ex: Toddlers Toys used to have a trade link for Vtech toys Australia.

ii. Irrelevant Links – a link appearing on a page without any context is considered unnatural.

iii. Links generated by aggressive building tactics – This may involve posting your backlinks in blog comments and forums all over the web by using a software that essentially automates the backlinking process. Yet another tactic involves posting links in low-quality directories.

iv. Linking using over-optimized anchor text – Involves linking all over the web with exactly matching keywords.

It is critical that you use a good research tool or backlinks checker to check the backlinks of your site while ensuring it has a healthy profile. This will enable you to keep building backlinks approved by Google while avoiding the harmful backlinks that may lead to costly penalties that may make it harder for you to rank your site. You will also need to learn on how to structure your blog URL.

Links always matter in every possible way. Moreover, you need to put in measures in place that will adapt to the constant changes that Google applies. To do this effectively, it is imperative that you follow the Webmaster Guidelines and utilize a number of opportunities that will help you improve your SEO strategies.

If you have neither the skills nor the time to build your healthy backlink profile, you should consider the audit services that will complete the job effectively. Furthermore, you should keep checking your websites regularly for bad backlinks using a robust bad backlinks checker.

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