Just like the leaking tap, the dripping shower is always intolerable, drives every homeowner crazy. Not only the problem shower leads to wastage of water, also keep the bathing space ever-lastingly wet. This indeed proves to be quite dangerous for kids and elders who frequently visit the washroom. Thus, emphasise the significance of calling a leaking shower repair in Gold Coast to fix the shower.

But, if you don’t have the luxury to avail the expertise of a professional repair flock then getting your hands on primitive plumbing skills is necessary. For instance, if it happens to be during the odd hours of the day then it’s easier to cope up with those drastic circumstances. That’s why, here in this post, we have put forth the simplest do-it-yourself approach to repair the shower in no time:

How to Begin with the Repair Work?

First of all, look for the carriage style faucet; you need to replace this important segment of the shower with a new one. Here, in this compelling guide on how to repair a dripping shower by self, we centre on fixing a cartridge-style faucet, which in most scenarios is the root cause of the problem.

The cartridge valves operate when the slides of cartridges move in and out and have a single handle. However, don’t confuse this cartridge-style faucet with a traditional one that has a dome-shaped casing underneath the handle. Here, we won’t be explaining the cartridge of two faucet style cartridge, which comes in two versions, one is the ceramic disc valve, while the other one is the stem-type valve.

Step 1:

Remove the Handle Cap- Let’s Begin 

First and foremost, turn off the water supply to the bathroom or to that particular problem shower. Once, you are done with it, pry off the handle cap, using a knife, a pocket size one. As this will expose the internal handle screw. In case, the handle is not coming out, you can heat it to make the job simpler or if you have a special handle puller, then it’s more than sufficient. Or, you can ask someone, a neighbour, who has a habit of maintaining a plumbing kit for any sort of emergency.

Step 2:

Pull the Cartridge- Let’s Pull 

Now, pull the cartridge, since different brands have their own unique way of securing the cartridge to the faucet, there is no one blanket approach here. For this, you need to carefully take a look at the structure of the shower head and makes a spontaneous decision, You can also take the help of Google to know the trick to pull the particular cartridge.

Step 3:

Install the New Cartridge-Job Done 

Last, but not the least, turn the hex screw using your hand until it hit the bottom. You can easily find an identical replacement cartridge from a local plumbing store or order online if you can wait.

Wrapping up, all the above techniques are fine, but for a permanent solution to your problem, only a specialist plumber in Liverpool having experience fixing leaking showers and the right set of tools can do the job with utter impeccability.